Posted by: Chancellor | July 21, 2008

Prayer during the Year of Jubilees

Archbishop Salgado asked all parishes and communities in the Archdiocese to pray in all masses during the Jubilee Year, the following prayer:

Prayer on the Occasion of the Year of Jubilees

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, source of all life and holiness
we glorify you for giving us St. Paul, most zealous Apostle, martyr for the love of Christ.

As you have empowered St. Paul, give us a deep faith,
a steadfast hope, a burning love for our Lord
so that we can proclaim with conviction as he did,
“It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

As you have sent him, help us to become apostles serving the Church with a pure heart,
witnesses to her truth and beauty amidst the darkness of our days.

We thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Lord of History
as we celebrated your gift of our Local Church, Nueva Segovia.

As we journey through lights and shadows,
we ask you to guide us through the path of conversion,

that we may have a change of heart,
a profound transformation of our way of life so that it may be in accord with the Gospel,
and that we may work for liberation from sin and the structures of sin
which perpetuate poverty, oppression and social injustice.

We ask you to lead us on to the path of renewal,
to commit ourselves to the transformation of sinful structures
into structures of grace and liberation, and to renew our Church and social structures
so that they may truly promote human dignity,
serve the common good and bring people to a foretaste of the fullness of life in the Kingdom

We ask you to spur us on to re-commit ourselves to a renewed evangelization,
to a renewed form of catechesis, in a special way for young people,
and in the many facets of media, to a renewed worship and to a renewed social ministry.

We ask you to impel us to reach out in mission towards society
and also towards those who have not heard about Jesus
or those who have insufficient knowledge of him
or those who are not yet in full communion with the Church he founded.

Compassionate Father we bow our heads in contrition
as we confess and confront our sinfulness and the sinfulness of the systems we have put in place
– widespread economic poverty, political imbalance, cultural decadence
and religious underdevelopment.

Spirit of Love and Life sustain us in our enthusiasm and resolve,
transform us into a truly renewed local Church,
gifted with renewed fervor to fulfill its mission of renewed integral evangelization.

Loving Lord Jesus we entrust all our efforts to you,
that we may be truly a sign and instrument of your Kingdom,
as we seek the grace of this year of Jubilees
through the intercession of St. Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles,
and your mother, Apo Caridad, whom you have given us as our mother too.

We praise you God, Father, Son and Spirit now and forever. Amen.

Click here for the Ilocano of the Prayer


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